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What Does Car Servicing Involve?

mechanic under a vehicle carrying out car repairs

Car servicing is important for every vehicle. It’s an opportunity to identify, diagnose and fix any issues. Find out more about what happens with your vehicle in this article. Types Of Service At Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs, and much like other garages, we offer different levels of car servicing. Our packages include basic, interim, full […]

Car Repairs: Driving Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Vehicle


It’s important to take care of your vehicle in order to prevent the need for car repairs. How you drive could be causing unwanted issues. Here we list just some of the driving habits that you should avoid in order to keep your motor in good nick. Riding The Clutch One of the most common […]

Preparing For An MOT Test

Blue MOT service sign on british road on cloudy rainy day

Whilst you don’t really have to do a lot before an MOT test, we certainly recommend some of the following steps to give you the best chance of passing it first time. Although it’s not an issue if you do fail, there are some points of the test where you can fail on something avoidable. […]

The Most Challenging Car Repairs

mechanic under a vehicle carrying out car repairs

Vehicles can be very complicated, and their workings have become more complex in the past few years. Some car repairs require a lot of extra knowledge and skill to carry out. We thought it would be an interesting idea to share which repair jobs are most challenging to carry out. Spark Plugs Spark plugs don’t […]

Common Misconceptions About The MOT Test

Blue MOT service sign on british road on cloudy rainy day

Your car needs to pass an annual MOT test to be legally compliant on UK roads. Without it, you can be fined, have points put on your license or be disqualified from driving. There are a lot of misconceptions about this test that could put you at risk of facing these penalties. Let’s find out […]

How To Safely Wait For Breakdown Recovery

Broken down car waiting for breakdown recovery

It’s no fun for anyone to break down on the road. No matter where it’s happened, you should know what to do while waiting for breakdown recovery to arrive. Stay Away From The Road Even before you call out for breakdown recovery services, you need to exit the vehicle and move to safety. In residential […]

The Qualities You Should Look For In A Car Repair Garage

woman at side of road calling for breakdown recovery

When looking for car repairs, it can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad. With so many stories of untrustworthy mechanics, making the right decision can be difficult. What makes choosing the right auto repair garage easier is knowing what to look for. That’s why we’ve put together this list of qualities to look […]

Top Tips For Finding A Reliable Auto Repair Centre

Auto Repairs Garage

Finding a reliable auto repair centre is key for getting consistent and cost effective work done to your vehicle. It’s important that your car repairs are carried out to a high quality standard. They should also finished in the time stated and within budget. There are many qualities to look for in mechanic that can […]

How To Maintain Your Vehicle To Avoid Car Repairs

man hugging his white car showing care for his car

Maintaining your vehicle at home can save cost on unnecessary car repairs.You’d be surprised just how easy it is, and with these basic techniques, you could prevent much more costly problems in the future. Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs understands the importance of saving cost on your vehicle repairs, that’s why we offer convenient servicing facilities, […]

When To Take Your Vehicle In For Car Repairs

cars in garage services repair station cardiff

Car repairs always come at the worst time. No matter the circumstance, it always happens when you least expect it. One minute you’ll be cruising along, minding your own business. Next minute, your car’s warning lights come on and the engine cuts out. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could see these things coming? Sometimes, there […]

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