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Car Repairs: Driving Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Vehicle


It’s important to take care of your vehicle in order to prevent the need for car repairs. How you drive could be causing unwanted issues. Here we list just some of the driving habits that you should avoid in order to keep your motor in good nick.

Riding The Clutch

One of the most common habits that could be damaging your vehicle is leaving your foot on the clutch. Once you’ve changed the gears, it’s important to keep your foot off the pedal. This unnecessarily wears down the plate and can cause the need for car repairs. It’s best to take your foot off of the clutch when it’s not in use and keep it to the side.

Not Slowing Down For Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are there to reduce how fast your vehicle is going and keep the roads safe. If you don’t approach these at the right angle or speed, it could cause the need for car repairs. If you hit speed bumps too fast, you can risk damage to your tyres, suspension, shock absorbers and other components.

Speed Bumps

Not Avoiding Pot Holes

Pot holes are frustrating for drivers. It’s important to approach these with caution, whilst still being aware of your surroundings. If it is safe to do so, try to avoid your wheels going over these and slow down if possible. Depending on how deep the pot hole actually is and the speed of which you approach it, this could damage the body of your vehicle as well as cause issues with your tyres and suspension.

Late Braking

Hard braking is another common habit that could be causing the need for car repairs. Not only is it quite dangerous, but it can also harm critical parts of the vehicle. The amount of pressure exerted on the driving components can cause them to unnecessarily wear quickly. It causes brake pads to overheat and puts stress on the braking system as whole. Make sure to brake consciously and gently, to reduce the need for early car repairs.

For Quality Car Repairs, Call Us Today

If you’re experiencing issue with any of the mentioned components, ensure that you get these fixed as soon as possible. If you’re worried about the condition of your car, we also offer servicing which can diagnose any issues that may have arisen from poor driving habits.


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