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Common Misconceptions About The MOT Test

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Your car needs to pass an annual MOT test to be legally compliant on UK roads. Without it, you can be fined, have points put on your license or be disqualified from driving. There are a lot of misconceptions about this test that could put you at risk of facing these penalties. Let’s find out what they are.

Is There An MOT Test Grace Period?

No, there absolutely isn’t. The only time it’s acceptable to drive a vehicle without a valid MOT is to take it to the garage to be tested. No grace period exists, although there’s an alarmingly common misconception that there is. Don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that it’s okay to drive the car for up to two weeks after its MOT expires. If you need to check when your MOT runs out, you can use the government’s online checker. All you need is the numberplate to carry out this check.

Do Garages Need To Meet An Average Failure Rate?

There are some rumours that garages need to fail a certain number of vehicles to meet a supposed government criteria. This is simply not true. Vehicles fail tests for many different reasons, but the reason will always be something that makes them dangerous to drive. Each garage will have its own unique average pass/fail rate that reflects the kind of vehicles they usually have to test.

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The MOT Test Guarantees Mechanical Health

The MOT certificate verifies that your vehicle is safe to drive on UK roads. A number of criteria is judged, but there’s no guarantee that the mechanical health is good. To assess this, the garage will need to carry out a full service and potentially engine diagnostics, if required. While the test will ensure that you shouldn’t pose a safety risk to you or others on the road, there could be underlying issues lurking that aren’t so easily spotted.

The Garage Will Top Up Fluids Before Testing

Although an MOT test could be seen as annual maintenance, it doesn’t mean that the garage will carry out minor tasks like this on your behalf. Unless you inform them beforehand, they won’t top up your screen wash, coolant or engine oil before testing the vehicle. If you leave these empty, the car will fail its MOT. This can be really annoying, as it’s so easily avoided. Make sure to carry out a quick fluid check before taking it to the garage.

For MOT Testing, Choose Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs

We are a qualified MOT garage in Cardiff. No matter what vehicle you have, we can test it. Give us a call today to get booked in.


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