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Frequently Asked Questions

Find below some of the frequently asked questions we receive at Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs. If you require further information on any of these or the question you wish to ask has not been answered below, get in touch with our expert mechanics here in Cardiff today.

It is recommended to service your car every year or every 12,000 miles that you drive. This is so any faults or potential issues that you may come across can be detected early. However, every car is different, so you may find your car can go a longer or shorter time without having to return to your garage. You can often find this out after your first visit.

Your brakes should be checked every six months. This is important for your safety. Even if you think they are working fine, there are a lot of issues that aren’t easily detected without the right equipment. We also recommend that you get your tyres checked at the same time.

Do not drive away. Ensure to get the details of anyone who was involved or saw the accident happen, even if you don’t think you’ll need them. For the protection of others, put your hazards on to show your cars aren’t moving.

Then, call the police as you may need a report form from them to claim insurance. The police can verify that your story is true and accurate. Most importantly, stay calm and seek medical help if you or anyone else needs it.

Each car has its own schedule when getting a full service and you will find this in the manual if your mechanic doesn’t already know it. Commonly, Interim and Full services are what cars undergo but it is worth checking the manual to see if your car needs any uncommon or extra checks.

Come to us for trusted and reliable clutch replacement in Cardiff. We have a team of experienced mechanics who will get the job done quickly and ensure you have peace of mind before leaving our garage.

For the best car servicing in Cardiff, you have come to the right place. Our knowledge and many years of experience means we can examine any car make and model, so there is no job we can’t do. We charge affordable prices and offer value for money. 

We can take away the stress of breakdowns by being with you as quickly as we can when you are in need. Even though our mechanical services help your car perform the best way possible, some things are unavoidable or unpredictable. Our roadside recovery team will secure the safety of the passengers and fix your vehicle by the road if possible. If not, we will transport you and your vehicle to our garage to get it sorted.

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