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How To Maintain Your Vehicle To Avoid Car Repairs

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Maintaining your vehicle at home can save cost on unnecessary car repairs.
You’d be surprised just how easy it is, and with these basic techniques, you could prevent much more costly problems in the future.

Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs understands the importance of saving cost on your vehicle repairs, that’s why we offer convenient servicing facilities, for the more complicated side of vehicle maintenance.
It may seem daunting to carry out checks on your car with no mechanical knowledge, but with this handy guide you can see just how simple it is to prevent unnecessary visits to your mechanic.

Maintenance & Car Repairs You Can Do at Home

Monitoring and checking various levels on you car makes up the majority of home car maintenance. It may seem trivial, but by simply topping up and monitoring different elements of your car, you could avoid the garage, time and time again.

Checking Oil Levels

Firstly, this is the most important thing you can do for your car – to check the oil.

Once you pop the bonnet, you’ll notice a yellow handle attached to the engine block.
Simply slide this out and check that your oil is both a healthy, clear colour, and between the min and max level.

pouring oil into car engine

If you notice oil levels dropping, or that the colour is dark and viscous, take your vehicle to a professional for car repairs, diagnostics and servicing. At Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs, our servicing covers oil changes to make sure your engine is always running smoothly.

Checking Your Radiator Fluid

The second most important maintenance check you can do to avoid car repairs, is monitoring the water levels of your radiator. You’ll find the cap for this at the very front of your car after popping the bonnet. Always make sure your engine is cold before checking, and if it’s low, make sure you top it up.

If you’re finding the water levels are always dropping, it may indicate a bigger problem with the radiator, and that you should take it to a professional before it fails, and your engine seizes.

Tyre Pressure

Now and again, you’ll need to put some air in your tyres. This is because over time, air can escape through a number of places. Usually from around the rim as the tyres ages.

On the side of your wheel, you will see a PSI number, it’s important you don’t exceed this number when pumping up your tyres. Maintaining the right tyre pressure is important not only for fuel consumption, but safety too.

Mechanic repairs cardiff

Flat or over-filled tyres are at risk of sliding, wheel spinning and even exploding. So make sure you stay on top of this particular maintenance regularly to avoid costly car repairs.

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance, whether carried out at home or by a professional service, can make all the difference in the health of your vehicle. If you want to avoid car repairs, then service your vehicle regularly and be sure to check all the components mentioned above. Keeping on top of water and oil levels, for example, could prevent a seized engine. If your engine seizes, there’s no saving it and it could cost thousands.

A simple weekly check could be the difference between a car lasting 10 years, or 10 minutes.

Choose Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs for All Your Maintenance & Car Repairs

At Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs, we offer fantastic servicing and car repair services. With top of the range diagnostics equipment and fully qualified, experienced staff we can fix any issues with your car.

Get in touch today to book a service, or to find out more.


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