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How To Safely Wait For Breakdown Recovery

Broken down car waiting for breakdown recovery

It’s no fun for anyone to break down on the road. No matter where it’s happened, you should know what to do while waiting for breakdown recovery to arrive.

Stay Away From The Road

Even before you call out for breakdown recovery services, you need to exit the vehicle and move to safety. In residential areas, this will be much easier, as you can probably get to a pavement without a problem. However, on dual carriageways, motorways or country lanes this isn’t so easy. Only exit the vehicle when it’s safe to do so, and move to the side of the car – not in front or behind. On high speed roads, the best thing to do is to get as far away as possible, preferably behind crash bars if possible.

Call For Breakdown Recovery

Once you’re in a safe place, it’s time to phone a breakdown recovery service. You might have this included on your insurance policy. However, at Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs we offer breakdown recovery services at very competitive prices compared to larger companies. We can recover your vehicle to our garage to carry out repairs. Or, if possible, we will repair your vehicle at the roadside so you can continue your journey without a fuss.

calling for breakdown assistance

Prepare Your Vehicle For The Event Of A Breakdown

Planning ahead can be hugely beneficial. While breakdowns are uncommon, they do still happen from time to time. You can add a small breakdown recovery kit to your car that can be used in the event of an emergency. This could include non-perishable food, a warning triangle and a few warm blankets. You may also wish to add a torch, a book and an extra layer of clothing. Depending on where you break down, you may need to wait for a while, so make sure you’ve got enough supplies to get you through a few hours on the roadside. Include a card with the phone number for a reputable garage like Gary Pinkard’s, so you won’t have to scramble to find it in an emergency.

For Breakdown Recovery, Choose Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs

As a local garage based in Cardiff, we can recover your vehicle at a better rate than many larger companies. We’ll get your car to our garage safely, where we’ll carry out the repairs that you need. We do our best to get to broken down vehicles as quickly as possible. Make sure you save our number in your phone, so if you ever need us we’re only a phone call away.


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