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Brake Repairs: Looking After Your Brakes

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Brake Repairs: Looking After Your Brakes

With your brakes being such a fundamental safety feature of your car, it’s important that they work properly at all times. Due to your brake being subjected to almost constant use when driving it’s a priority to check them often

There are some key signs when checking your vehicle’s brakes that may indicate to them not working optimally and require repairing or replacing. Many different components of your braking system can wear out or become faulty over time so it may be beneficial to have your braking system checked by a qualified mechanic.

Checking Your Brakes

Before calling our auto centre in Cardiff there are a few things you can check to see if your brakes are faulty.

Brake Warning Light

Your vehicle may be displaying a warning light on your dashboard. This is a clear indication that there is something faulty and you should contact us as soon as you notice it showing up. This light can either mean that your vehicle is due a brake inspection or worse that there is something wrong with them.

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Pedal & Steering Wheel Vibration

If when braking your pedal and/or steering wheel shake or vibrate this could mean there is an issue with the car. If left unchecked this can cause more damage as it may cause the rotors to become misshapen. If this starts occurring then please book in to see us as this can be an easy issue to resolve if inspected and repaired quickly. Saving you a much more costly mechanics bill.

Car Pulls To One Side

This can be caused by a whole host of issues, including faulty brakes. This can be very unsafe when driving which is why you should visit our auto centre so that we can diagnose the issue. It may be that they are fine but another component such as your suspension is faulty.

Spongy Or Soft Brakes

If your brake pedal is spongy then it may be a good indication of damaged or worn-out brakes. This can make your vehicle’s stopping distance longer and therefore unsafe.

Getting Your Brakes Inspected

When we check your vehicle’s braking system it isn’t just the pads that we inspect. There are many more components to the system including the discs; all of which require maintenance regularly.

Through wear & tear and as cars get older, components such as the brake lines & rotors tend to rust. Our highly qualified mechanics will check all components including the pads, callipers, brake lines & rotors for any possible issues to ensure you are completely safe on the roads.

When To Get Your Brakes Checked

As with anything related to your vehicle, preventative measures are always going to be more beneficial than waiting for something to go wrong. When it comes to your braking system this is even more important. We often see that customers only ever book the car in for work when they start to notice very obvious symptoms which can typically be too late, resulting in more substantial work.

Contact Us For More Information On Brake Repairs In Cardiff

For replacement brakes or any other car repairs, contact our auto centre in Cardiff. Our highly trained & experienced team of mechanics will be able to inspect and work on your vehicle to ensure it works safely whilst on the roads.

Call us on 029 2049 0212 to book in or enquire.


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