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The Most Challenging Car Repairs

mechanic under a vehicle carrying out car repairs

Vehicles can be very complicated, and their workings have become more complex in the past few years. Some car repairs require a lot of extra knowledge and skill to carry out. We thought it would be an interesting idea to share which repair jobs are most challenging to carry out.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs don’t appear to be complicated on the surface. However, over time they’re prone to wear. When one is faulty, it needs to be replaced. Sometimes this is really straightforward and easy, but not always. Some spark plugs are really small and tucked away in hard to reach areas, which can make the replacement process a lot more complex.

Transmission Repairs

The technology that’s used for the transmission system of cars is very complex. There’s a lot more elements that are controlled by computer technology nowadays, so they require more specialist skills to work with. Mechanics need a good understanding of sensors, connections, machinery and computers to diagnose and repair transmission problems.

mechanic car engine repairs cardiff

Engine Replacements

Replacing or swapping a car engine is a huge task. Not only are they very complex, they’re also large and heavy and need to be placed inside the vehicle very carefully. If you’re replacing an engine because of old age or a high mileage, it’s likely that many of the connecting components will also need replacing. This means that this huge task is often even bigger than expected when the work is carried out.

Clutch Replacements

Replacing the clutch itself isn’t necessarily a complicated task, but in order to do so, the engine often needs to be removed. As we already know, replacing an engine is a huge task that requires strength and precision. The connectors will need to be removed and the engine lifted out, before being put back exactly as it was after the car repairs are completed. This means that clutch replacements are quite difficult to do in some cases.

Mechanic repairs cardiff

Balancing Tyres

To balance tyres, you need very expensive, specialist equipment. This will allow you to provide enough force to adjust the tyre balance without damaging anything. You also need to be able to accurately check the balance of the tyres, to ensure they’re put in the right place. Unbalanced tyres can result in uneven wear, poor fuel economy and damage to the suspension system. This can result in serious damage, so this car repair task is best left to professionals.

For Car Repairs, Choose Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs

At Gary Pinkard, we have all the equipment needed to carry out some of these complicated car repairs. No matter how big or small the task is, we can complete it to a high standard and for a very competitive price. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.


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mechanic under a vehicle carrying out car repairs

The Most Challenging Car Repairs

Vehicles can be very complicated, and their workings have become more complex in the past few years. Some car repairs require a lot of extra

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