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What Do We Check During An MOT?

If you’ve ever been unsure about what a MOT (minister of transport) test is for or why it’s necessary, we’ve simplified it down for you. We provide thorough MOT services as well as advice for the next actions to take and things to keep in mind!

An annual safety check is required if the vehicle is more than three years old. This is to confirm that it meets the DVSA’s requirements. This is a legal obligation in order to guarantee that the car is safe to drive.

You may also find out when your next MOT is due! So, if you live in the Cardiff area, call Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs at 029 2049 0212 now.

Car Parts Inspected During A MOT

As previously stated, the vehicle’s ability to run safely is the key component of what is examined in an MOT. Certain components, on the other hand, have been thoroughly examined.

The vehicle will need to be re-tested for the repaired parts if it contains faulty components that do not satisfy the minimum criteria. It is to guarantee that you or anybody else is not injured by your vehicle. Call Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs now for an MOT quotation if you reside in Cardiff.

As an example, The following components were put to the test:

  • The function of the car horn
  • Bodywork, doors, boot, and bonnet
  • System of braking
  • Tyres and wheels

MOT Test Requirements

An MOT check is not needed by law if your automobile is less than 3 years old. This is also true if the vehicle is older than 40 years.

If the car is between these years, however, a MOT is required. To pass the inspection, your car must not only be of legal driving age, but also be functional! If one of our dependable mechanics is unable to drive your automobile due to a fault, an automatic fail will occur. So, to save money, perform some major repairs before your next exam!

The last need is proof of the previous year’s certificate. Keep your certificate since it is required to insure and tax your vehicle. Even if you’re a new customer, we’ll require proof of prior MOTs to warrant a fresh inspection.

Car mechanic working in auto repair service.

Make An Appointment For A Mot For Your Car Or Van.

It’s important to be prepared and arrange your annual inspection as soon as possible if you feel your automobile is due for one. If you’re feeling particularly prepared, you can even have a pre-Mot inspection!

This aids Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs in identifying issues that are likely to result in a malfunction. We offer a cost estimate for those repairs so you can get your automobile back on the road.

For further information about our MOT services in Cardiff and the surrounding region, call us at 029 2049 0212. Also, see our MOT page for further information.


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