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When To Take Your Vehicle In For Car Repairs

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Car repairs always come at the worst time. No matter the circumstance, it always happens when you least expect it. One minute you’ll be cruising along, minding your own business. Next minute, your car’s warning lights come on and the engine cuts out. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could see these things coming?

Sometimes, there are signs you can anticipate to prevent being that person stuck on the roadside with their hazards flashing. That’s why we’ve created a handy set of tips to help you identify signals that your vehicle needs to be taken in for repairs.

Warning lights

Warning lights come in two colours, red and amber. A red light is an immediate warning to get your car off the road and into a garage. 

Amber lights, however are a signal that something needs diagnosing. It can be anything from sensors in your engine to oil levels. Regardless of the cause, you should get it looked at before orange turns to red and your car requires a tow.

car warning lights

By anticipating these warning lights appropriately you can not only prevent further damage to your engine, but also save yourself valuable time at the roadside.

At Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs our fully equipped Russell Street auto centre has top of the line diagnostics machinery to communicate with your vehicle and find out the problem.

Why Too Much Smoke Could Lead to Car Repairs

Smoke is a great indicator for the health of your car. Of course, there is a normal amount of smoke you should see from your exhaust, especially on a cold morning. However, excessive amounts, and their colour can indicate all sorts of different problems.

Blue Smoke coming out of car exhaust

Gray & Blue Smoke

It’s hard to see smoke from your exhaust considering it’s always behind you when you’re driving, but sometimes you can spot excessive amounts. If your smoke is a light grey, or has a blue tinge to it, this is a sign you’re burning excess oil. Whether its engine or transmission oil or something else, you’ll need to take your car in for repairs to avoid any more lasting and permanent damage.

Black Smoke

Black smoke exiting your exhaust is almost always a sign of excess fuel being burnt. It could be as simple as needing a new fuel filter, or something far more sinister. Regardless of the cause, getting your vehicle in to see a licensed professional such as Gary Pinkard Vehicle repairs could prevent the problem from snowballing into something more expensive.

Obvious Signs You Need Car Repairs

We’ve covered some of the more subtle signs that you car needs repairs. However, often your vehicle will make it very clear to you.

The following, is a list of signs to get your car either towed to a licenced diagnostics centre, or driven there immediately.

Contact Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs for All Your Car Repair Needs

At Pinkard Vehicle Repairs we’re fully equipped with the diagnostic technology to identify any problems with your car, van or motorhome. Whether it’s tyre repairs, MOT’s, wheel alignments or a complete engine block rebuild, we’ve got you covered. As an independent trader we offer you years of experience and competitive prices to provide you with a hassle-free experience for your car repairs.

Get in touch today to find out more from a Which trusted trader.


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